Artist Interview: Aron Fischer of Facture Goods

    I am so happy to have connected with Aron from Facture Goods. I am in love with everything he makes. I found him like I have come across a lot of my favorite artists and makers through instagram. I want one of everything he makes, seriously. Aron is not only a talented wood worker, but also makes beautiful tools, grooming supplies and home wares with ceramic and metal. Its like the best of both (all three) worlds! Not too long ago he came out with a set of ceramic bowls with moon cycle images. I knew right then we had to collaborate on something. If you follow either of us on instagram you would have seen the amazing mini moon bowls he made for our smudging kit which will be released when we relaunch our site! Here is the interview we did.

Hi Aron! I am really excited to be doing this interview with you. I know you, as well as many of our readers know you from your amazing lifestyle & home collection, Facture Goods. As I was looking into you some more in preparation for our interview I saw that you have several degrees in art. What led you to study sculpture? Is your favorite material to work with wood?

Thanks for having me!  I have always been interested in objects, tools and things that can fit in your hand.  As a kid, I would work in my fathers shop constructing imaginative things that had a purpose that only a child would understand.  I took this love into both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.  I hold a BFA in Drawing and an MFA in Sculpture.  Immediately after completing my BFA, I began working for the company Anthropologie as a Display Coordinator.  While there, I became really close to working with wood and would try to find ways to build as much as I could out of that material.  
The thing I love about wood is that it takes what you give it.  It holds your marks, your cuts, your intentions in every piece you make.  

I have been seeing more and more ceramic pieces making their way into your shop. I love that you make nearly everything for the kitchen! A one stop shop. Do you have a favorite medium to work with or do you love it all?


I mostly work with wood, clay and metal. I love each material for different reasons - the history that comes from a piece of wood, the way that clay holds your touch, and the luster that only metal can give you. Each of these materials can say different things - Wood has a warmth that you can't achieve through another medium, Clay allows me to relax and be joyous and playful, and metal reminds me about the importance of craftsmanship and time.  If I had to choose though, I would say wood.  

What inspires you to make these functional tools? I know that I personally get really inspired to cook, or be in the kitchen when I have such beautiful, well made utensils like the muddler I bought from you! It makes the process of doing something that can be mundane into a really enjoyable experience.  


My biggest inspiration comes from the process and challenge of working with my hands.  As a maker, I don't do well with idle time...I tend to get stir crazy if I am still for too long.  These objects not only allow me to refine my craft, they also give me a chance to make something that has intention.

What is the process behind your work? Do you design everything ahead of time or do you just let the wood speak to you and carve something new every time?  

I don't sketch in a way that most would understand..which is funny since I have a degree in drawing.  I tend to sketch in 3D.  I make an object to look at and evaluate.  It is how my mind works.  I do better with tangible, tactile things.  I don't do well with hypothetical ideas.  Maybe this is most of my friends call me a doer.  There are points in my work where I do let the wood tell me what it wants to be...whether it is in the direction of the grain, or the type of wood.  

What would you say is your favorite wood to work with? Do you make a lot of your pieces out of the same wood or do you like to use specific woods for specific items? 


I will forever love Missouri black walnut.  My parents have an enormous stack of it in their barn that I would always play on as a kid.  Now, I use wood from that stack in my work although I covet it!  It has such a luscious, warm color that it is hard to pass up.  Besides walnut, I do use other types of wood for specific reasons, as well as aesthetics.  Hickory and white oak are amazing for utensils that need extra strength, while ambrosia maple has such a beautiful pattern that no other wood can mimic.

I also saw in your about section that you make items that are affordable to everyone. I love that. I think its really important to make items that are handcrafted and well made accessible to everyone. Its kind of like the concept of eating organic and not everyone being able to afford it even though it should only come naturally! Is this something you saw as lacking in the handmade world? Accessibility and affordability for all? 


 love that analogy!  When I started Facture Goods, I really wanted to make it as accessible as possible. The best way for me to do that was to always be sure to include items that are affordable, as well as some higher end pieces.  This is something I will always hold onto.

Are there any new items or special projects coming up for Facture Goods? Or even you personally outside of the shop? I know theres a lot more ceramic pieces being added in will we be seeing more in the upcoming months?

Well...I am really excited to say that you and I are teaming up for a collaboration!  I love your products so much, so to be able to work with someone who is as passionate as you are is amazing!  I also just added Patch NYC to my list of stockist...which is a HUGE accomplishment for me as I have collected their designs for years.  Other than that...I love it when people throw ideas out to me!  Hopefully some of your readers may do that after reading this interview.

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