DIY Wreath & Ornaments

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Every year that passes I feel like my holiday spirit dies a little more. I have come to terms with the fact that christmas is more for kids and I probably will never feel that excited again, but I like doing things to help me feel a little more in the festive mood. I decided to make fresh wreaths out of different kinds of foliage and berries that I foraged around the neighborhood. We dont have the kind of pine trees that are grown for christmas trees here in Southern California so I just got the trimmings at the tree lot, and found the rest while exploring the neighborhood.

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Look around your neighborhood for things you can use for the wreaths. Get creative, it doesn't have to be all pine. I found some eucalyptus in a local park, as well as some other types of pine, pinecones, berries and these gorgeous silvery green round branches. You can use whatever is around, just keep your eyes open for interesting leaf shapes, colors and textures. Gather plenty so you have enough to do one or more. I got my boyfriend to help me make these for my mom, and I think his turned out way better than mine!

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Things you will need:

-wreath forms: metal or grapevine

- pine, and other green foliage

- pinecones, red berries

- floral wire

-wire cutters

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Start by adding your main elements, mine were the pine branches. This is your background. You can add the decorative elements on top at the end. Wrap the wire around the base of the branches around the form. Wrap it pretty tight so the greenery doesnt move around too much. Add the next section with the tips of the branches covering the wire from the previous section. Continue adding all the way around.

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Add your decorative pieces in, your berries, pine cones, etc last. If you are using the grapevine form you can try to tuck them in through the vines, or wire wrap it discretely. Have fun with it, experiment, and get creative. If you have some left over branches you can make some ornaments next.

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For the ornaments, I used a box of plain, clear glass ornaments. I got them at Michaels a few years ago to use for terrariums, and had a lot extra. To make them, just stuff in small pieces of pine, berries, and other greenery. Ta-da. Easy, simple and elegant ornaments. These would be good to give away or use as present toppers as well!

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