Floral Ice Cubes


So I am officially done with school. Doesn't seem real. I am now a full time business owner. No more working on new items only when I have a break. Now I can be creative 100% of the time. And I have made myself busy with so many ventures. I'm even starting a YouTube channel which is something I have been wanting to do for years. It's going to be mainly diy, drink recipes and occasionally something else if it strikes my fancy. I love taking photos and posting diy or recipes but sometimes it's easier to show step by step through video. Not sure if I am going to continue doing both photo and video but hopefully I will be posting a video in the next two weeks here. 

I posted a photo of these ice cubes about a week ago on Instagram and it was possibly one of the most if not the most popular photo I have ever posted. It's not a hard to make these at all but is just a bit of inspiration to make your own! My garden is wildly blooming with all kinds of flowers, and what better way to show them off than in a drink. I used chamomile flowers as well as borage flowers for these, but you can add any edible flowers you have!


image.jpg image.jpg

All you need is an ice tray, water and a selection of edible flowers. Try calendula, borage, pansies, chamomile, roses, nasturtium, marigold or lavender. You can even add herbs like mint, fennel or lemon verbena. As the ice melts it gives your water or whatever you are drinking a subtle flavor. This is perfect for making fancy cocktails or summer BBQ lemonade. 


Gather your flowers and gently dust or rinse them off. Fill your ice tray 1/3 the way up with water and place one or a few flowers right on top. Freeze for an hour or until ice is mostly frozen, the top up with water, adding more flowers if desired. If you really have time to do this try freezing the water in 3 layers so you can see flowers all throughout the cubes. Pop a few of these into a simple glass of sparkling water for a light refreshing floral taste or into a cocktail for a gorgeous decorative touch. 


p.s lovely leather and mustard wool coasters coming soon to flor y luna 

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