Gem Show & Adventure Photos

     Its that time of year again- gem show time! Its something we look forward to every year. This is a time where we can stock up on crystals for all our products, and find inspiration for new things for the up coming year! I honestly did not take many photos, as its a whirlwind while we are there, and I really wish I had so I could share them with you but I did take a lot of beautiful scenic photos from our trip back. It was so beautiful, the transition from desert into mountain is always my favorite landscape. Having a mixture of cacti and piñon pines is such a unique combination.

     Driving through the mountains, we saw buckthorn cholla, california juniper, piñon pines, mormon tea, and yucca dotting the rocky backdrop. Piñon pine grows in the southwest, and only a few parts of California at higher elevations, which we drove through. I love making new products inspired by my surroundings. So I definitely made sure to harvest some piñon to work with for some new things in the upcoming months. It smells so amazing, I can't wait to share it with you guys! 

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