Last weekend I went to pick sage and brought home a lot! Its everywhere right now here in Southern California. I have been picking roses in my garden for a few months now and saving them for when I would make more smudge wands. All the herbs and flowers that go into the wands are hand picked, dryed and bundled by me. All the loose petals I save for mixing into other magical potions for Earth Oils. The lavender and chamomile is going wild over here, so I added some chamomile flowers to the bundles this time. I love having my own medicinal herb garden! 

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

As some of you guys may or may not know, I am due to graduate with my B.A. in psychology next week! I have sort of put jewelry making on the backburner for the past few months in order to focus full time on graduating. I was feeling so inspired after Tuscon to start silver smithing, and I have been writing down tons of ideas and gathering supplies for both the jewelry side and beauty side of Aquarian Soul, but I realized I have to focus on school. I tend to spread myself too thin and try and do too many things at once. Now don't get me wrong thats how I thrive and work best but I dont like doing things half way so I had to slow down the jewelry for awhile. I will hopefully be devoting all my time and energy into creating new jewelry, and beauty products starting in a couple of weeks here. Thank you to everyone who has supported my business and has been leaving nice comments and looking forward to new jewelry and products from me. I really appriciate all the positive vibes you have been sending my way! And thank you for being so patient and there will be much to look forward to from not only me but the shop I am opening with my mom! Many amazing things are coming very soon....


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