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Finally my winter vacation has begun! I finished my last final yesterday and I couldn't be more excited. I had to pinch myself to believe that I could wake up today and do whatever I wanted. Really cant explain how happy I am. I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like these past two months. I take 8 week courses twice per semester which is like cramming six months into two months so suffice it to say I am busy studying all day long. When I was in my late teen years and early twenties I could care less about school and I skipped class to eat snacks in the library and drink during the day. Not my most productive years but I did have a lot of fun. I think I even missed one of my math finals because I forgot what day it was even though I was on campus. I am actually quite proud of myself for buckling down and getting this done. I enjoy learning but I am excited this is all coming to an end soon. Math is not my favorite subject (to say the least) but I really cant believe I took a math course in a fast track class and did pretty well. Now I have a whole month to work on making more jewelry, dream catchers and lots of diy and recipe posts. I have quite a few things in the works, and I am toying with the idea of doing a video. Would you guys like to see a recipe video? I spent countless hours as a child making cooking videos with my friends and my dream was to have my own restaurant and have a show on the food network. This could be a sort of fulfillment? Anyway let me know if you would like to see a video!

I always struggle to make interesting gift wrap and tags during christmas. I hate commercial gift wrap not to mention it just goes straight into a landfill. I made all this gift wrap using paper grocery bags. I hope this gives you some inspiration to make your own or you try making some for yourself!


photo 3(4).JPG

To make these gift tags I bought some thick kraft paper type tags. But you can also make your own out of kraft card stock and just cut it into a similar shape. I think they also sell paper punches in the shape of a tag so you can use whatever kind of paper you want. I also used some dry sage, yellow pom flowers and tape to attach the dried herbs and flowers to the tags. You can use washi tape but I dont have any in a neutral color so I used masking tape. Experiment with other dried herbs you might have growing in your garden or in a field nearby!


Another fun gift "tag" I made doubles as a small gift. I used a cotton muslin bag, stamped it, and filled it with rose petals, chamomile and rose buds as a bath soak. Just stamp it with whatever sentiment you want or for whom the gift is for. After the gift is opened, this "tag" can be used to take a long hot bath after all the holiday stress is over. Fill it with whatever herbs, salts, or flowers you want.

photo 5(1).JPG

For the past few years I have been using handmade stamps to make wrapping paper. I like to coordinate my tags with the paper. You can also do this with regular store bought stamps. Just stamp the tag, and while it is still wet sprinkle some glitter over the top.


Now for the gift wrap, I simply stamped different patterns on grocery bags turned inside out. Try ironing the bags on a low heat setting to get out the creases. Then stamp away! Try tucking a sprig of rosemary under the cord or ribbon on your present, or adding a couple of cute little pinecones on top. You can even add a big quartz crystal like I did in the last photo. Not only a decoration but an extra little treat to keep after the unwrapping is done.

photo 1(3).JPG photo 3(3).JPG photo 2(1).JPG giftwrap.jpg

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