How to Create a Crystal Mandala for Love


    Whether you are looking to attract love into your life, or creating abundance, making a crystal mandala is a great way to achieve this. Many of you might have heard of crystal grids which are basically the same thing. Crystal mandalas are made in a circular formation and meant to be used as a energy amplifier for your intentions. The one we are making today is to attract love into your life, whether that be a partner or learning how to love your self. You can arrange the crystals in whatever formation your intuition guides you on but usually the mandala is formed with one central crystal and spirals out from there.


Rose quartz this is the ultimate stone of love and beauty. It is probably the most well recognized stone for love and one of the easiest to find, so this is a good choice for beginners getting into crystal work. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love whether for a lover, friend or yourself so its a must for a love grid!

Amethyst is a very calming, and sedative stone. Purple stones are connected to the third eye and crown chakra which are good for meditation and calming energy. Amethyst connects us to higher planes connecting our earthly bodies to spiritual planes. It brings a deep sense of calm, peace and balance. It helps us get over past wounds which is great if you are getting over a past relationship or trauma. 

Rhodochrosite is also another pink stone that is useful for creating more space for love. It is a beautiful deep pink. Rhodochrosite is known for self love, and healing. So in combination with rose quartz and amethyst it is good for healing from old relationships and learning to love yourself so you can love another. It is a stone of compassion helping us heal our inner issues, release deeply imbedded pain and in the process forgiving ourselves. 

Garnet is associated with the root chakra so its extremely grounding. It helps you manifest your dreams and desires into this reality. This makes it an excellent stone for manifesting love or whatever you are trying to achieve. Garnet is also a deep red, which makes it a stone for sensuality, romance and love. It also partial to this stone as its aquarius birthstone! 

Clear Quartz is a great stone for any crystal grid! It works well with any other stone, and is capable of cleansing itself. It can amplify the energy of other crystals and help send out their vibrations into the world. It helps balance chakras and energies within the body. Quartz is the most widely found rock on the planet making it a great tool to work with. 

*I cannot stress enough how much your own intuition should be used when picking crystals. If you find a crystal that really resonates with you and is not on this list USE IT! Most times you know subconsciously exactly what you need at that moment. 



For this crystal mandala I chose to use rose quartz, amethyst, amethyst druzy, clear quartz and a center stone of rhodochrosite. I think first and foremost you should choose stones that you are instinctively drawn to. Most pink, or red stones are representative of love and beauty and will work for this mandala. Clear quartz is always good to add to any mandala or grid as it amplifies the energy and works in conjunction with most stones. It is kind of the all purpose stone in the crystal world.

I chose to use quartz points emanating from the center as they push the energy out and away vibrating your intention out into the world. You could also achieve this same effect by using a center stone that is a pyramid or point! 


1 large center stone (preferably a point or pyramid, but not imperative) 

8-15 crystals of each type

smudge wand (or other cleansing tool)

paper and pen

To form this mandala, set a clear space where your grid will not be disturbed. This could be an existing altar space, an empty table, or on top of your dresser where it won't get moved. You can leave this mandala up for as long as you like or until you manifest your desire. If you leave it up for an extended time it would be good to occasionally cleanse the area with sage. You can also come to the grid on a daily basis to remember your intention if you feel this helps. Some people like a daily reminder to manifest their desires and some people leave it up to the universe to let things manifest. 

After you find a suitable space, sit in meditation for 5-10 minutes and set your intention. You can even write this on a piece of paper if you like and set it under the center stone. Cleanse your space with sage or incense of your choosing. Work your way around the mandala setting stones in whatever way you find most pleasing, remembering the shapes of the crystals guide where the energy flows.

Many say you need to activate your grid, or there are specific lines you must lay your stones on but if you let your own intuition guide your decisions, that is the best method of them all. By sitting down, meditating and putting your energy into this mandala, you are already sending out your desires into the universe. Its all up to what you believe you need to do to make it work. I have made crystal mandalas effectively for years without "activating" them or doing anything special. Most of the work is done in the mind, and in the ritual of laying out the stones. 

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