Joshua Tree Desert Bridal Bouquet

Making bridal bouquets has become one of the favorite parts of my job. It is such an honor for people to even think of me when choosing where to get their bouquet.

I love when something can be repurposed, which is why I love making bouquets. When I get fresh flowers or when I buy myself flowers at the farmers market, I always know I can save them, dry them and use them in our sage bundles. And also, when you finish with your bouquet, its not just something you throw away, it can be saved for a long time as a memory of your wedding, or even burned at the end as a way to send well wishes and cleanse the start of your marriage. It can even be saved until your first anniversary to do the same.

Not only do I make bouquets, but also bridesmaids bouquets (our traditional floral smudge wands) and boutonnieres! These boutonnieres were request from the bride, to include palo santo so I made the palo santo a base onto which I added the flowers. We can add any ribbon you like, so this cream ribbon was a request of the bride and we used a more rustic burlap/jute texture which works well with a desert setting. 

You can also request to add quartz to the bouquet. I specially chose this quartz piece as it is a twin quartz which is representative of building a healthy union with your soulmate. It was the perfect stone to represent a marriage. 

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