Kumquat Margaritas

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I used to have a kumquat tree in my backyard after I pleaded with my parents to let me have one. Who has a kumquat tree? Sure I loved them but they are a unique fruit, they're not really anything that you can eat tons of at a time. I would dare my friends to eat them. They didn't believe that you could eat the skin. Thats the sweet part I insisted! Do it! Finally they would eat it, and just as I had told them, it was the skin that held all the sweetness. The inside is insanely sour. A few years later my parents tore the tree down to make space for a more landscaped look but I always remember those times fondly. 

As I was driving to do some errands today I noticed the farmers market was happening. I rarely go anymore but as I was in need of some more strawflowers for my dreamcatchers I stopped. I got an amazing bunch of broccolini, some pretty flowers and on my way out I saw kumquats. I was immediately transported back to my childhood and had to pick some up. I got 3 big baskets and ended up with a hefty bag full. I knew I couldn't eat them all, and what better way to utilize fruit than to make a cocktail? I know you guys know me for being mojito crazed, but I thought I would do a little something different this time. I thought I would make a kumquat margarita! Simple flavors, really citrusy and perfect for summer. You could even add sparkling water and omit the tequila for a really refreshing infused water! (oh and don't you love these glasses? I got them at ikea for .99!)

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4-5 sliced kumquats

juice of 1/2 a lime

1 tsp agave nectar 

1.5 oz tequilla

dash of triple sec


Cut about 4-5 kumquats in half and toss them into your glass. Squeeze in the lime juice, add the agave and muddle away. Give it a good long muddling to release the aroma from the skins and sweeten it up a bit. (I took a taste of the extra juice on the muddler and it is SO good just like that). Add in your tequila, and just a splash of triple sec. In fact a splash is too much, just a whisper of triple sec. You want the flavor of the kumquat to really stand out. Add some ice and give it a good stir. This is a strong drink so let the ice melt down a bit and really take your time with this one. 

Garnish with a lime and kumquats and you are all ready to enjoy! And be on the lookout for a video featuring this drink next week! I already have one in the pipeline for monday but I might sneak and extra one in next week! Have a great weekend!

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