Mint Chocolate Almond Milk Recipe

I have been wanting to post a recipe for this milk for awhile but I have been so busy trying to get Earth oils up and running. This is so easy it almost seems unnecessary for a recipe but it is SO good. The extra touch of mint really turns this simple childhood nostalgic drink into a more sophisticated beverage. My boyfriend Sean makes me this almost every night, hes the best at coming up with new combinations and interesting midnight snacks. I can't get enough of this.

almond milk (or your choice of nut milk, but almond tastes best) organic chocolate syrup fresh mint leaves

I am lucky enough to have a whole field of mint growing in my backyard so all I had to do was go outside and pick some. If you have to buy some at a store, store them stems down in a cup of water which makes it last much longer. I do this with all my fresh picked mint so I don't have to keep going outside to get more (theres also lots of spiderwebs back there. eek), and it lasts about 4-5 days this way. You can also use regular Hershey's syrup but its mostly corn syrup so its not as healthy. You can't really go wrong with this recipe. :)

Add as much mint as you like, Appx 12-15 leaves and save a few for a garnish.

 Muddle the mint in the bottom of the glass. (I dont have a muddler, I usually use the back of a wooden spoon or this mexican chocolate milk contraption) Whatever works!

Add as much syrup as you like, Sean usually adds a 6 second squeeze from the bottle or around 2-3 Tbsp. Its best to mix the milk and syrup in a separate container because if you try to mix it with the mint leaves some chocolate always gets left in the bottom.

Add some ice and pour that delicious chocolate milk right into the glass!

 Top it off with a few mint leaves of top for some extra pizzazz.



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