Mountain Dream Tarot Review

I discovered this tarot deck years ago while searching for the right deck. I have many but none called out to me like this one did. It is rare to find an all photographic deck and I was so disheartened when I found out it was out of print. I am a huge fan of 60's and 70's fashion, and just in general. This was the perfect deck! I happened to be looking for it again this past week and saw that it had been reissued late last year. I was so excited I bought it right away.

 Bea Nettles, the creator of this deck was a photography student in North Carolina who became intrigued by the original line drawings of the rider-waite tarot deck. She took a self portrait of herself as the queen of stars (which became the queen of pentacles in her deck) and as she was asleep came up with the idea to make the deck. (thus the name mountian dream) She took photographs of her friends and family, all mostly artists and did all the floating elements and different colors in the dark room. This entire project took her 5 years to complete and made the first deck out of colored photo paper, frosted mylar and stitched it together by hand.   



I also cleansed my deck before I did my first reading. I used clear quartz, which is an excellent stone to use to cleanse pretty much anything including other crystals, amethyst which is a very spiritual stone and citrine because it brings a lot of energy and awakens the higher mind. Celestite is also a good stone to use for cleansing. I smuged it with sage and left it under the light of the moon.

This deck is not only very beautiful but also so unique. This was the first photographic tarot of its kind. If you love the 1970s (and I know a lot of you do) this is an amazing deck to buy! Visit Bea Nettles shop to purchase the deck, and check out this interview she did on her original deck!

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