New Year Tarot Spread

   It's a yearly tradition of mine to do a tarot spread on the year year. I am just getting around to doing one tonight since I've been ill this past week. I found this tarot spread online, which was different to the one I posted last year. It is a 12 card spread outlining the previous year and what is to come in 2016. I really enjoyed this one, and I used the wild unknown tarot to do this spread. I feel really connected to certain decks, especially the osho zen deck which is more of an oracle deck but the way its worded speaks to me, and I rarely use any other decks. I had always wanted the wild unknown deck and while I got it in maybe the second year it was out, it mostly sits on my shelf of decks gathering dust. When I do big readings like this, I usually sit down with a notebook and draw out the formation of the spread as well as the interpretations for each card. This way I can look over it throughout the year seeing what has happened and how accurate the reading was. I hope you all had an amazing new year and it looks like there is nothing but good things in store for 2016! 

  1. The previous year in summary
  2. What have you learned from the past year
  3. What you aspire to in the next twelve months
  4. What empowers you in reaching your aspirations
  5. What may stand in the way of reaching your aspirations
  6. Your relationships and emotions in the coming year
  7. Your career, work and finances
  8. Your health and well-being
  9. Your spiritual energy and inner fulfilment
  10. What you most need to focus on for the year ahead
  11. What will be your most important lesson in the coming year
  12. Overall, where are you headed in the next twelve months

      (find detailed directions here)

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