Product Spotlight: MOON BALM

    Moon balm was born under the night of the full moon. Belly full of warm homemade chai tea when an idea sparked. This balm, like the chai tea has notes of cardamom, vanilla and rose. Its made with an organic base of virgin cold pressed coconut oil and cocoa butter. Both are deeply nourishing to the skin. It is also infused with clear quartz which is an all-around healer. Quartz has powerful healing vibrations that will add that extra boost to mend any parts that you rub moon balm on. Moon balm is good for any areas of dry skin, cuticles, lips, feet and even the tips of your hair to add extra moisture to split ends. 

Here are some of the ingredient highlights:

  • Coconut Oil: extremely moisturizing to skin. repairs and protects skin. contains lauric acids which are known antimicrobials. acts as a sunscreen to help protect skin from damaging rays. repairs skin and gives a natural glow. smells amazing!
  • Shea Butter: naturally helps collagen production. like coconut oil, it offers skin protection from the sun. is also highly moisturizing and nourishing with its high fatty acid content. smoothes skin and keeps skin hydrated.
  • Cardamom: is warming which brings circulation to skin. it is also stimulating to entire body system which can mentally help uplift your spirits.
  • Rose: the classic beauty oil. helps with anti-aging, is full of antioxidants and also adds moisture to the skin. not to mention it smells fantastic and makes you feel beautiful!

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