Raw Melon Sherbet Recipe

It has been near impossible to do anything this week. Its been an average of about 100 degrees every day. Worst of all, my pool is overgrown with algae so I have to wait a few days before I can swim. I think I have had all I can take. I am buying a portable air conditioner right....now. It's also hard for me to want to eat anything but salads and fruit in this weather. So last night I had the idea to freeze some melon and blend it up today. The colors are so beautiful it reminds me of the rainbow sherbet ice cream I would love as a kid. Its so easy and all you need is a food processor or even better a vita mix blender.


2 c cantaloupe sliced small
2 c honeydew sliced small
agave nectar (optional)

Simply place one kind of melon at a time in your food processor. It takes a bit of effort and finger crossing with a processor but it works well once it breaks up into smaller pieces. This is definitely more of a job for a vita mix but I dont have one...yet. You can add a little agave at this point, since the melon is a bit more bland frozen than when fresh.

Place the now frosty delicious melon mixture into a glass jar or bowl, and repeat with the second melon. Layer the melon on top for a pretty effect or just put it side by side in a bowl. Either way it tastes amazing!
  This is a wonderful alternative to ice cream or sorbet. You don't need to have an ice cream maker and there's no added sugar. Just pure delicious melon with its natural sugars and flavors. I am off to enjoy some of this right now! Hope you are staying cool where ever you are (if its summer where you are!).

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