Sage Frenzy


It's been heating up here in Southern California and as a result it's that time of year when all the sage dries up. Over the weekend I set out to find some sage out in the mountains. There was still some but this was the last batch of the year. I have a huge pile of sage I am using to make more of the herbal floral smudge wands and some plain smudge wands. My shop has been selling them like crazy so there is only a few of each left! 


I have also been missing blogging, and making videos but I have literally been busy all day everyday for the past few weeks (which is a good thing) but it leaves me no time to come up with new recipes or film. I have been putting jewelry making on the backburner since I have a few new projects that I am keeping secret for now with earth oils. I miss making jewelry but I've come to realize that it's not possible to do it all myself. I'm not stopping jewelry making just putting it on hold while things come to fruition with earth oils and see where things go. I am excited to share this news with you guys but it will be a few more weeks! 

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