Sage Picking in the Mountains

    For those of you who don't know, I collect all of the herbs and flowers I use in my smudge wands. I wouldn't have it any other way. There is something special about gathering everything straight from the land and knowing you will be infusing its energy and love right into something that will be used to purify someones space, or sit on somebody's altar, or sacred place. It is time consuming and thats why this year I am only creating a limited batch for the shop. The rest will go to store openings for Urban Outfitters across the county. Everything is made in small batches, not only because I do it all by hand but to keep them special and something that isn't mass produced Hopefully this doesn't disappoint this year as I will only be making 50 wands. I will of course be announcing it when the date gets closer. 

    This weekend I drove up to the mountains with my amazing boyfriend/sage picking assistant and took a long drive though the country. I never want to give the impression that I strip the land of its precious native sage. I know that there are people who go out there and completely devastate the sacred sage plants, thus why it will one day be a protected plant. We always bring water and quartz crystals that we mine to leave as we take its precious gift of its leaves. We never take more than a few pieces per plant. Its hard to keep up with the orders because sage isn't in full bloom until spring. Although with the scant amount of rain we have been blessed with these past few months it looks like the sage crop is coming along nicely. One day we will have our own plot of land where we can till and work the soil planing our own fields of white sage. This is a goal to be completely self sufficient and sustainable with all the herbs and flowers we use in our products. 

   I once thought the mountainous regions of southern California were ugly, preferring the more green, rainy and dense areas of forest of the pacific northwest and northern California. But as we were driving around I noticed the changes in the trees, the tall grasses and even the colors of the soil from season to season. I take this same drive out to the mountains several times a year, and its interesting to see its wintery landscape when its not covered in snow. Usually in the winter I come here to dance around in the snow and enjoy a hot piece of pie, but now its barren and the trees naked. The grass fields have turned to pale yellows and it didn't seem quite as ugly anymore. Its so amazing to feel the rhythms and changes of the seasons, even when its not a place I see everyday. Its quite amazing and I take back everything I once thought. Its nice to appreciate everything that surrounds you even if its not necessarily where you see yourself living forever. 

   I look forward to coming back in the spring and seeing the trees full and green, the grass growing tall and dancing in the wind. Hopefully I can share more photos of the changes as well as of the blooming sage with their powdery purple blossoms. I am also excited to share with you the herbal floral sage wands that have come out of this beautiful place and I will let you all know of their arrival very soon!

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