Salvation Mountain Trip

If you read my post last night, you saw that I mentioned my trip to salvation mountain. For those of you who dont know salvation mountain is all hand built out of hay bails and thousands of cans of paint by Leonard Knight. It is in the middle of the desert in Niland, CA, near the Salton Sea. There are several documentaries on the mountain, and the near by slab city which is an off the grid community. There are several videos you can watch including two Vice docs on both the mountain and slab city if you are interested in learning more. The official"volunteer" who was going around giving tips on the local flavor of slab city was telling us about all the "no rules, byob" parties that go on out in the desert. From what I have seen in the documentaries it looks quite interesting from the hot springs to the "last free place in america" attitude, slab city looks fascinating. This little town really is out in the middle of no where. I couldn't believe there were people actually living here. There was literally nothing in the town but abandoned buildings and one lone market. I wonder what people do out there? I love places like this. Makes me wish I was good with filming. Perhaps next time I head out to the desert I will make a film for you guys who can't make it out here.


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