Tucson Gem Show

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This past week, along with many other jewelry designers, gem collectors and crystal lovers I headed out to Tuscon for the annual gem show. Well, its not just one single show, its dozens upon dozens of shows all over the city. There is the main show which took place on the last weekend this year that I did not get to see this time.  I had not expected to go this year but at the last minute was able to take 2 days off to finally check out the show. I had been wanting to go for years since I heard of it, and had only been to Quartzite two years ago. (a smaller show also in AZ).  I was astounded by the amount of crystals at Quartzite but that was only a small fraction of what Tuscon offers. I read a guide before leaving for the first timers at Tucson which said to go and just observe without buying anything. Yeah right! It was slightly overwhelming as we were attempting to go to as many shows as possible within those two days. We saw I would say well over half of everything, mainly because we powered through the shows without stopping. I can see going back next year and only going for a few hours a day then resting at the hotel in between and seeing more of the sights in the actual city. But overall I would say we saw a lot of what was there and I made some great purchases which were mostly all for new jewelry pieces.

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Unfortunately I did not take very many photos because there wasn't really time to stop and dilly daddle while I was trying to take everything in. I took a few shots whenever there was downtime but not really of the actual show just close ups of the crystals.

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There were literally mountains of raw crystals at several booths. I wanted to take home the whole thing! In the picture its aquamarine and some lavender quartz to the left of it. You can find anything you want at Tucson whether you are a first time rock collector or a jewelry designer or just someone who likes jewelry! There are 50 gallon drums full of any raw gemstone you can imagine, tables and tables of clear quartz, trays full of opals and everything in between. I picked up a lot of lapis lazuli which is one of my favorite stones as well as labradorite, moonstone, aquamarine, turquoise, quartz as well as a flat full of different mineral specimens. I also got a moonstone ring and two turquoise rings for really good prices that you probably wouldn't believe if you bought them anywhere else. I really can't wait to go back next year! I am also thinking of writing a more accurate first timers guide so if you are interested let me know!

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