Floral Smudge Wand
Floral Smudge Wand

Floral Smudge Wand

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Our popular floral smudge wand is back! This time around instead of sage, we are making these with incense cedar. While we still love sage, and use it in smaller amounts in some of our other loose incense blends, we chose to use cedar for its more sustainable nature. We continue to grow over 15 varieties of sage including white sage in our medicinal herb garden and continue to propagate it for use in our future white sage farm.




You can use these smudge wands to purify the air for your rituals and ceremonies. All parts of the wand are burnable. Simply light the end and blow out the flame after about 8 seconds and let the smoke envelop you and your space. You can also use them to adorn your altars (which is what most people buy these for. Many don't have the heart to burn them). Wands vary in length but are on average 9-12 inches long.


Key Ingredients

Incense Cedar

We travel to the mountainous regions of southern california to gather the incense used in these bundles. Cedar is known for its protective properties which make it great for use in smudge wands. Using tree medicine is a very  powerful, grounding, protective and wise energy. 


Local Wildflowers

We gather local wildflowers in the surrounding mountains and deserts so it is based on seasonal availability. We also source wildflowers and strawflowers from our local farmers market when availability is low. 



are a mixture of our own garden variety roses and roses from our local farmers market



is collected from our medicinal herb garden in several varieties. We grow french lavender, sweet lavender, english lavender, spanish lavender, white lavender and grosso lavender. 


Rose Petals

are collected from our own rose plants and dried right here in our studio. 




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