Herbal Smokes
Herbal Smokes
Herbal Smokes

Herbal Smokes

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The long awaited Herbal Smokes are here! 

Herbal smokes are made with herbs and flowers that are soothing and gentle on the lungs. Mullein is an expectorant that helps decongest clogged, inflamed lungs. Relaxing herbs like lavender and chamomile put your body and mind at ease. These are meant to be enjoyed as a ritual to connect with your body. Send out the smoke into the universe, exhaling your intentions.

Hand rolled with rice paper and biodegradable cotton filter tip. 

Includes 16 herbal smokes, matches and amethyst polished stone which is soothing for lung issues. 



Light the end and draw smoke into the mouth. Let the subtle flavor and energy of the herbs fill your mouth and blow the smoke out. *These are meant to be savored in the mouth not inhaled.

They can be used as a tobacco replacement if you are trying to quit smoking, or in combination with your favorite flower strains. 










Verbascum thaspus (mullein)*, Melissa officinalis (lemon balm)*, Lavandula anguvstifolia (lavender)*, Matricaria recutita (chamomile)*, Rosa demascena (pink rose) petals*, Rice paper, Biodegradable cotton filter tip