White Sage Body Oil

White Sage Body Oil

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White sage has been used for centuries to cleanse the air of negative energies and before ritual. Sage also has skin benefits that are not utilized enough in skincare. Sage is full of antibacterial and antioxidants to keep your skin youthful  and clear of any skin issues. Sage is also loaded with vitamin A which is excellent for fighting wrinkles and keeping skin soft and supple. Combined with a blend of nourishing oils, this body oil will keep your body hydrated all day. Use on dry patches or all over skin after showering. Can also be used as a bath oil or as a massage oil.


Use dropper to dispense as much oil as needed to provide moisture to entire body. 

Key Ingredients

White Sage

Is often overlooked in skincare as it is mostly known for its properties in transforming the energy with its use as a smudging tool. It is good for oily skin as it is anti-inflammatory and astringent. It has antibiotic effects which help heal skin irritations like scratches, cuts and rashes. It of course has a herbaceous, thick resinous green scent which is pleasant not only burning but also fresh or in this form infused into oil.