Desert River Weekend Adventure

 As the holiday season draws nearer, there are less and less chances to slip away for weekend adventures. So we took the opportunity to take a break from orders to head out east to our favorite place. In our many many years going to the desert, we never have visited Whitewater Reserve, and I have no idea how! This magical oasis lies in a canyon near Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. It is truly a magical space. The energy here is something you have to feel. While this river is quite small and could be considered more of a large creek, it flows year round. It lies between the San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountain ranges. I had seen many photos online but couldn't believe this place existed! It seemed to surreal to have a crystal clear river flowing through the middle of the desert! And it IS surreal when you are there! This is definitely going to be a stop on our adventures out to the desert during the hot months! 

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