Aquarian Soul is a plant based luxury wellness brand that is infused with the healing energies of crystals

All our products are handcrafted with organic and wildcrafted ingredients. We combine science and spirit to bring you products imbued with crystal energy and plant medicine. 


The Ingredients

We explore the mountains, deserts and coastal shrub regions of California to find the wild ingredients we put in every bottle. We sustainably forage for white sage in the hillsides of San Diego, ocotillo blossoms in the Colorado desert and piñon pine in the Mojave. We return to the same lands year after year, season after season to observe changes in plants, and keep track of their growth. What we cant find out in nature we grow in our medicinal garden or purchase from certified organic farms.



The Crystals

Going back to the moment our universe was created, minerals, water and other particles are what make up our world. Our own bodies are made up of mostly water and minerals, so its only natural to think that we are intrinsically connected to the world ofminerals and crystals. Every crystal has a different vibration, a different healing energy that works with our own chemistry to help restore our bodies to their highest potential. Ally hand selects every crystal that goes into our formulas, whether its going to international gem shows, or digging them out of the ground herself. 

 Conservation and Sustainability

We are deeply committed to sustainably harvesting all the plants we use in our formulas. We grow over 20 varieties of sage in our medicinal garden, mainly consisting of white sage. We plan on opening a white sage farm along with many other medicinal plants in the near future.