We constantly get requests for sage wands, and wholesale orders of sage wands. Why don't we make them? Well we used to make limited quantities of them, but we stopped indefinitely for one simple reason. Sage is a protected plant. It is at risk. (You can learn more on the United Plant Savers website) We do however make NEW floral smudge wands made with California incense cedar. 

While we do use small quantities of sage in our other products, it comes from our own medicinal garden or is harvested from lands that we return to year after year. We carefully watch the plants and record their status, including weather patterns for that year, size of plants and maturity. It is NEVER ok to take from any plants, wild or home grown that are less than 3 years old. It is also not ok to take more than a few pieces per plant. And by pieces we mean just the tips, never taking entire branches, or pulling out of the ground in any way.

Native peoples have been using white sage in ceremony and for medicinal use in very small quantities for centuries. It is never suggested to use more than a single leaf or two for smudging. The scent is so powerful, it is unnecessary to use an entire bundle. When I preform cleansing I use a single leaf, and pass it over the person from head to toe. Our sacred smoke incenses contain different kinds of sage including black, and great basin sage which are sustainable and grow everywhere in the deserts surrounding our studio. It is best to use white sage in small quantities, and mix it with other types of sage that can preform the same task and have many similar qualities. You can even buy cedar, mugwort, and even rosemary bundles that work in the same way. 

Be cautious when buying white sage from other sellers. Ask if the sage was wild harvested. Many companies sell dried white sage that is purchased from scrupulous people who devastate the plants. If you are curious what that looks like just check out the photos below. Always be careful when buying white sage! Be mindful and treat this as the sacred plant that it is.



We are working towards having an all white sage farm in the near future. It is our goal to educate people on the dangers of over harvesting wild white sage, and teach how to propagate your own sage. White sage is notoriously difficult to start from seed or propagate from cuttings. But you can still buy small sage plants at your local nurseries or from online catalogs. If you are lucky enough to live in southern California, most nurseries have a native plant section with a great variety of different sage plants. Join us in helping conserve this beautiful plant for future generations and stay aware of its at risk status! Only buy from reputable sellers and try your hand at growing your own!