Giant Plant Propagation Station Gift DIY

Giant Plant Propagation Station Gift DIY

      Are you looking for a last minute gift idea? I tend to make the same handmade gifts every year: hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, candles, tea blends, knit goods, chocolates, cookies etc. But I have several people in my life that love plants, and as I was considering buying a propagation station, I had a sudden epiphany. What if I made a HUGE propagation station? This is so easy, and requires almost no effort (but looks stunning!) All these plants are propagated in water, and will root, and can even live in the water! This would look great on your coffee table, as a centerpiece, or even on a desk if your tray allows. 
     Those other DIY you can find online (albeit beautiful) most likely require drills, wood, and finding test tubes. While I have a plethora of test tubes from our bath soak sets, but the wood and the drill bits not so much. You can easily find small jars and bottles at thrift stores, or dollar stores. You most likely have some laying around your house. This is even a fantastic way to reuse our glass jars and bottles! Just remove the sticker and you are set! 


Large rectangular tray

Variety of glass jars/ bottles


Variety of plant cuttings

pothos, philodendrons, orchid kikis, monsteras, begonias, fiddle leaf fig, grape leaf ivy, prayer plant, scindapsus are all good choices. 


     Gather all your jars and bottles and arrange them in your tray. Make sure the tray has sturdy handles, and sides tall enough to come up halfway the bottles. You dont want any of these getting knocked over! Also try and not use bottles with too narrow of a neck. When the plant begins to root, if you try and remove it from a tall thin bottle, some of the roots could potentially break off. 

     Take cuttings from your plants. Cut right below the node. Remove all the leaves from the bottom, so you have about 3-5 inches of stem. Pop your cuttings in the water. You can start this a few weeks before you give it as a gift, so they begin to root, or you can cut them the same day and do this super last minute! Makes no difference, and it looks equally as stunning!

      Share if you decide to make this! 





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