Hyacinth Botanical Perfume

Hyacinth Botanical Perfume


Planet: Venus

Element: Water


     Hyacinths are often used in love potions, perfumes and workings. Hyacinths are also associated with grief and loss. In Mexico, they are used in funerals for small children. They help the departed cross over into the other plane with ease. Keep a hyacinth in your pocket to help ease grief and bring a renewed since of joy and happiness. They are said to prevent nightmares and keeping this flower by your bedside will keep you safe throughout the night. 

     Hyacinths have such a strong aroma, once I saw these in bloom, I knew I had to do something with them. Perfumes with hyacinth notes are often very pricey. If you saw my post last summer about trying to infuse champaca flowers into oil you know I love experimenting with these fragrant flowers. I did both an oil and an alcohol extraction. I will report back once I strain them!



For Oil Infusion:

Bunch of hyacinth blooms (about 4-5 heads)

2 cups almond oil (or grapeseed, sunflower)

Pint sized mason jar


For Alcohol Infusion:

Bunch of hyacinth blooms (about 4-5 heads)

2 cups Vodka

Pint sized mason jar


    Remove flowers from stalks. Fill jars with the blossoms and pack them down gently. Fill the jar to the top with the oil or alcohol. Leave these to infuse for approximately 4 weeks. Keep an eye on the jars as fresh flowers or herbs can cause the oil to spoil. Just make sure that the flowers are completely covered by the oil and there's none poking up over the top. Watery flowers tend to release a lot of moisture, so every few days I like to pop the lid open and air out the jar. One time I made a mistake of leaving a fresh pine oil infusion sitting for a few months and when I opened the lid, it almost exploded on me from the pressure built up inside!

     This is also a great flower to attempt enfleurage with. You will need a larger amount of flowers to use that method, but I can see you having some great results with a coconut oil and hyacinth enfleurage! 

     Once the oil has reached the level of aroma you like, strain out the spent flowers. You can use the floral oil as a light perfume. You can also add some beeswax or candelila wax and make a solid perfume or balm! 



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