Passionflower Anxiety-Free Ritual Bath


There is nothing better than passionflowers blooming in the summer. While we are at the tail end of the bloom, passionflowers are still abounding in the garden. While I like to dry the flowers and stems, make tinctures and tonics; I thought I would create a cooling passionflower ritual bath. It is not often I take baths in the summer time but this is a cooling bath. You can use cold to tepid waters to help cool down during these warm (lets be real, blazing hot...) months. 

Passionflower has so many relaxing, calming and anxiety reducing benefits. If you happen to follow our youtube channel (you should!) you would have seen that I recently posted a video on how to make a passionflower tincture and a passionflower flower essence. So there is an abundance of different uses for this magical flower. 

Ritual baths can be done on their own as its own way of creating a sense of calm in this chaotic world, or as a precursor to any type of ritual work you might be doing. Working with passionflower is fantastic for reducing anxiety, calming racing or cyclical thoughts, and helping with insomnia. You could do this bath to begin the day if you know you will be encountering any stressful activities that day or at the end of the day to wind down and help you fall asleep. 




Amethyst crystals

Epsom salt

Optional (passionflower flower essence)




Fill your bath with cool water. Add a handful of epsom salt. Scatter your passionflowers in the water. If you have made the passionflower essence you could also add a dropperful or so into the water. If you don't have access to fresh passionflower you can also add a few tablespoons of dried flower into a muslin bag and soak it like a tea in your water. Add a single amethyst piece into your tub. Full submerge yourself into the water, take a few deep breaths and let yourself completely relax and let go of all thoughts and worries. You can hold the amethyst in your hand as your meditate or just let rest at the bottom of the tub or somewhere on your body. Let go of all your worries and imagine them sinking into the water. As you drain the water they are released. 




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  • Gypszy

    Thank you so much for posting these journals sister, I can only speak for myself but I do know many women who enjoy & love your
    “magick recipes, potions, herbal remedies, perfumes& etc…” Just as much as I do!!! I have been inspired to create & enhance a whole new beauty routine & I have also manifested my intentions while incorporating your ingredients and products into the many different beautiful bathing rituals & ideas from just your journal page alone!! and then I discovered your products and they speak for themselves, the time, effort and care put into all of these gorgeous, luxurious and quite ethereal products; essential oils, crystal infused & made with all natural ingredients including the reiki and energy balance you do to make sure it enhances our frequency and stimulates our third eye! I JUST LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!!… oh I could go on forever I truly love your store and your writings thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart, soul & essence! Blessings! Love & Light! Blessed be, namaste & peace be with you 🙏🏻 🌙🌻🌹🔮🌱GYPSZY💟💜🕉☯️🙏🏻 🧿🌙🌼💙💎

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