Quartzite Gem & Mineral Show 2020

      It is that time of year again where we head out to the Quartzite Gem Shows! I love going to Quartzite over Tucson because its so much more laid back! A very relaxed atmosphere. Tucson is very hectic, and there is just so much going on, its hard to not become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of crystals and minerals for sale. It is very easy to get burned out very quickly.
     This year I wanted to put together a short video to show you around the actual show. I wanted you guys to see our buying process and which crystals we pick for the website. This year I got a lot of selenite, obsidian, serpentine, and clear quartz. We might go back again to take a better look or wait for some of the other shows to start. So there might be a part 2 where I talk a little more and show off our lovely vendors!

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