Sun Ritual Bath

Sun Ritual Bath


Inspired by these beautiful sunflowers, this bath includes herbs representative of solar energy. The sun carries the energy of power, confidence, positivity, joy, physical energy, friendship, and removing depression and low mood. We often focus on moon based energy, or rituals, but there are other planets that have unique energies that can be used for not only rituals but also these baths.

Summer is coming to a close and I used a lot of what was growing in the medicinal garden here in the studio. So if you have these particular herbs that is great but you can switch them out for other sun herbs. There are lots of options for other herbs that have correspondences with the sun. If a particular herb or flower calls out to you that makes you feel joy and lifts your mood then use that! 






Rosemary ⠀


Pineapple Sage⠀

Yellow/Orange Roses⠀






* Other sun herbs you can use are : 

Cinnamon, frankincense, calendula, orange, lemon (citrus in general), chamomile, St. John’s wort

*Orange and yellow crystals can be substituted if you can't find or don't have any of the ones listed above!





Prepare your space, light candles, burn incense anything that helps you relax and feel at ease.

Place the crystals in the water or on the edge of the tub (all water safe). Place the flowers and herbs in the water. Submerge you’re entire body including your head. Let go of any thoughts and worries. Focus on the bright, joyful energy of the herbs, and the powerful energy of the sun.

Relax in the bath for 20 or so minutes. As you drain the water focus on all the negativity, and cyclical thoughts and emotions going down the drain. 



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