Venus Retrograde Healing Ritual Bath

Venus Retrograde (Oct 5th - Nov 16th)

Much like mercury retrograde, this planet's retrograde brings up a lot of past memories and issues to the surface. Venus is the planet that rules love, sex, beauty and feminine energy. When venus goes retrograde, a lot of past relationship patterns and traumas are stirred up. We might experience trouble in a current relationship, break up with someone or on a less dramatic scale, begin to really work on healing our traumas with or without a partner.

If you have found yourself entering into the same kinds of relationships over and over again or experiencing problems in your current relationship because of abandonment issues, past sexual or emotional traumas, now is the time to really delve deep into these issues. Once we can learn to let go of this trauma, to forgive, to truly heal ourselves, only then can we begin to be in a healthy relationship both with ourselves and a partner. 

The Ritual Bath

Taking ritual baths is a way to cleanse our physical as well as mental body of whatever is weighing heavy on our minds. Adding crystals and flowers or herbs that correspond with love, trauma, and the heart can be used in combination with the element of water to purify ourselves. For this bath, you don't have to use a ton of crystals like I do, but if you have them, go ahead and go wild! But all you need is a single stone if you have one to make it work. 

You Will Need:

Rose Quartz



Rose petals (pink, red, lavender, peach color)

Coconut Milk

Pink Himalayan Salt


*Optional: You can use our Coconut Rose Milk Bath Soak, Rose Moon Bath Soak, and a splash of our Sacred Fire Massage oil)

The Crystals


The ultimate love stone. Rose quartz carries an extremely gentle, healing, feminine energy. This makes it one of the top stones for healing trauma. It allows you to open yourself up to loving  yourself and treating yourself with compassion, and comfort. Treat yourself gently, slowly allowing yourself to bring old traumas to the surface while feeling calm, relaxed and safe. Rose quartz will teach you how to learn to love yourself. This will bring you closer to your partner, or help you be on the same vibrational level as a partner that will perfectly compliment you. Once you open yourself up to loving yourself, you will attract someone on the same wavelength as you. Once you truly love yourself, you can feel a sense of contentment and peace within you which will radiate out into the world.


Another wonderful stone for healing trauma. It helps you break any addictions or negative cycles you have been stuck in. It is great for anxiety, as it has many soothing, relaxing properties as well. If you feel anxious about a loss, a breakup, or just issues that are coming up you are finding difficult in dealing with, amethyst will help alleviate some of that nervous tension. Amethyst is associated with your third eye and crown chakras. Using this stone is perfect for meditation and the spiritual realm. It connects you to your higher powers and can help gain some insight into your situation


Like rose quartz, rhodochrosite, is another tender, and compassionate stone. All pink stones can be used for matters of the heart, but rhodochrosite is especially gemmy, raspberry colored and beautiful. Rhodochrosite is helpful with childhood issues, past trauma, and old wounds. It lets you move forward with compassion towards yourself and with others who might have hurt you in the past. It allows you to acknowledge the pain you feel, let it go and to also release any negative patterns you are stuck in that you use to cope with the trauma. Unresolved issues dissolve away, revealing the true self and a healthier, happier self. 


 The Ritual

Center your mind however you typically do. This can be a grounding exercise, meditation, whatever form resonates with you. This helps you mentally cleanse before you enter your space. 

While your bathwater is running, place your crystals around your bathtub. You can also place one of each stone in your bath water to directly charge it. Pour your coconut milk (Coconut Rose Milk Bath Soak) into the water, letting it dissolve. Pour in a handful of Himalayan salt (or our Rose Moon Soak) and stir with your arm to help the salt dissolve. For extra moisture, and energy, add in a splash of Sacred Fire Massage Oil. This oil is infused with garnet, rhodochrosite and rose quartz along with essential oils that correspond to love. Once the tub is full, scatter your rose petals across the surface. 

Light candles, cleanse the space with aromatic herbs and set intention for your bath. Relax in the bath as long as you want. As your thoughts come up, acknowledge them, and let them fall away. Let your all your negative thoughts, patterns, and anything which you want to let go of flow into the water. Breathe in positive energy. Imagine the crystals energies vibrating all around you, creating an orb of light. You are also emitting an orb of light all around your auric field. Let these two light sources meet and inhale the healing energies. Allow yourself to completely let go and feel yourself full of light, love and healing. As you drain the water, imagine these released energies swirl around the drain and out of your life. 


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