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Aquarian Soul

Black Moonstone Polished Specimen

Black Moonstone Polished Specimen

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These beautiful polished black moonstone were hand selected for quality and color. They make perfect specimens for your coffee table, altar or desk. Each stone varies in size, but all are equally beautiful. 




5-7" Inches / 13-18 cm Tall

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Black Moonstone carries many of the same properties as white moonstone but with an emphasis on new beginnings. The new moon is a fresh slate, and this stone helps you start anew.  It is strongly connected to the moon and emotions. It is one of the best stones for calming the emotions. It has receptive, passive and feminine energy to carry you through extreme situations and emotional triggers. It soothes instability, stress, and acts as a mood stabilizer. It draws out old emotional patterns and can even promote lucid dreaming as well as restful sleep.