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Aquarian Soul

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

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These beautiful rainbow fluorite were sourced from a small family run business out of Mexico. All stones were hand picked by our team at the annual gem shows in AZ. They range in color from green, to turquoise to purple. Some are a single color, some contain all 3! Each one is randomly chosen so no guarantee in color. 



XS: You will get 3 small pieces of fluorite under 1 inch

S: 1-2 inch piece

M: 2-3 inch piece

L: 3-4 inch piece 

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Rainbow fluorite cleanses and repairs the aura. It has universal wisdom that can clear and activate the entire chakra system. Also has the ability to cleanse the mind of outgrown thought patterns to allow for new information, original ideas and quick witted thinking to flow in. It harmoniously combines higher levels of consciousness with intellect. It balances both brain hemispheres to work together. Fluorite brings clarity, focus and concentration. It is known as the stone of genius, helping you achieve higher levels of thinking, understand complex concepts and absorb new information.