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Aquarian Soul

Pink Kunzite

Pink Kunzite

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Pink Kunzite is a beautiful pale pink-violet spodumene mineral. Kunzite gets its delicate color from trace amounts of manganese. Kunzite is often dyed or altered to enhance the color. This kunzite is 100% natural. It was sourced from a small family run business and mine from Afghanistan. It was ethically sourced. Each piece has a unique shape and color variation and is measured by weight not length. 


S: 3-5.5 grams

M: 8-8.5 grams

L: 9- 12.5 grams

XL: 14.5-20 grams

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Stimulates a healing connection between the heart and the mind. It helps you let go of fear, anxieties and worries that close you off from being open to new love, relationships or experiences in life. It dissolves blockages around your heart center. A gentle, serene energy helps you understand your needs, emotions and desires in order to let go of heartbreak grief and allow love to flow in. Kunzite has a very pure, joyful and comforting energy. It is a stone for women, new mothers and young girls. It supports you and aids in adjusting during challenging times, transition periods and new eras of life. It encourages you to accept the changes that come in life and not resist them.