• ANGELICA fire | sun | leo | sunlight

    Angelica (Angelica archangelica) is a beautiful plant with tall clusters of tiny white flowers that is known as the herb of angels.Angel-ica. As a flower essence, it helps us create a relationship with the angel realm, and the divine. It gives us protection during times of high stress. It gives us courage, and strength knowing we are protected by its angelic energy. Whenever you are in need of spiritual guidance or protection of any kind, angelica helps you pass though dark times with a caring, protective energy.

  • ANGEL'S TRUMPET air | pluto | scorpio | moonlight

    Angel’s trumpet is the common name for the Brugmansia flower. They are poisonous but have been used as an entheogen for spiritual purposes for centuries. Poisonous plants have a baneful connotation, but angel’s trumpet is often used for divination, dream work and astral travel. This flower can help you let go of outcome in situations where you need complete transformation and transition. It calls upon your higher self, angels and guides to receive wisdom and integrate it into your current reality. Angel’s trumpet works between worlds to highten intuition, psychic ability and communication with higher realms.

  • BAY LAUREL fire | sun | leo | sunlight

    Bay laurel brings the energy of success. It gives you the confidence and healthy focus on the self to achieve and overcome any challenges. It is especially good for attracting prosperity. Bay laurel is known as a wish plant as many times the leaves are used to write wishes and burn them in order for them to come true. In this same way, bay essence brings your dreams and desires to fruition.

  • BOUGAINVILLEA fire | mars | aries | sunlight

    Bougainvillea Is associated with beauty. It can be used to align yourself with your own inner beauty. It is also useful to become more alluring, charming and attractive on the outside. Once you learn to accept your inner beauty, it will radiate outwards on all levels not just physical. It aids you in becoming more comfortable with letting your personality shine if you are lacking confidence or just are more introverted. The radiance and will exude outwards sharing your love, light and beauty with the world and in turn helps you feel content, joyful and uplifted.

  • CAMELLIA water | moon | jupiter | sunlight

    Camellia is a beautiful flower that comes in shades of pink, white and red. It connects us with divine feminine energy and helps us accept the softer, more gentle aspects of the self. Camellia exudes love, and it helps you tap into your own heart wisdom to make decisions based on your inner desires and intuition not your outer thoughts. Camellia teaches us balance in order to be receptive not just project out into the world. To receive love, or anything you are trying to manifest, you must first make space within yourself to accept the blessings just waiting for you to be ready to receive them.

  • CHAMOMILE water | sun | leo | sunlight

    Chamomile is well known for its soothing, relaxing effects. Its balancing, calming energy lends itself well to promote harmony and peace. If you are in a tumultuous situation with a friend, lover or family member, chamomile helps ease tempers and smooth over arguments. It is a sun ruled herb so it brings vitality, joy, courage and positivity. Chamomile has the ability to bring in wealth, prosperity and abundance. The combination of positivity and success drawing properties, chamomile works to align you to receive financial blessings.

  • CHRYSANTHEMUM fire | sun | scorpio | taurus | sunlight

    Chrysanthemum helps you focus your thoughts, and clear your mind. It brings clarity to any situation that you feel stuck, stagnant or unsure in how to proceed. If you are seeking guidance, you can use chrysanthemum essence to quiet your mind in order to receive messages from your higher self or any guides, ancestors, angels or ascended masters. It also brings a sense of optimism to any situation so that you can replenish your energy and motivation to know how to move forward.

  • DAHLIA water | moon |scorpio | moonlight

    Dahlia has an almost otherworldly, mystrious energy that is the perfect balance of light and dark. There is beauty in the shadow aspects of life. Dahlia takes us between worlds, into our dreams to gain access to wisdom and visions that bring awareness and messages that we can intigrate into our conscious waking hours. Dahlia is a highly magical flower that activates our psychic abilities, intuition, and strengthens our magical powers. It helps us gain the occult wisdom during ceremony or ritual to bring our intentions to fruition. Dahlia helps us face our shadow self, in order to conquer our fears, move through the darkness in order to process the past and move forward with joy, wisdom and freedom.

  • GARDENIA water | moon | venus | cancer | moonlight

    Gardenias are a highly fragrant flower ruled by the watery moon and cancer. This makes it useful for emotional matters and matters of the heart. Gardenia makes you open and receptive to love. It is a flower of compassion, romance, and peace. Gardenia uses this compassion to communicate not only with your loved ones but with the spirit world. It is a very high vibrational flower similar to rose. It helps you attune to altered states of consciousness, facilitates divination and communication with other realms. The insight gained in these alternate states aids you in your personal growth and healing journey.

  • HIBISCUS water | venus | aquarius | scorpio | sunlight

    Hibiscus is a flower of passion, love, peace and freedom. Its most well known properties are definitely for passion, sensuality and lust. They aid us in getting in touch with sexual desire and intimacy with a partner. Passion does not always just refer to romantic pursuits but also your passion for life. Hibiscus allows us to feel free and liberated even within our own minds when we feel fear or limitations on the outside. This sense of freedom opens your mind to the idea of being the master of your own reality. By the same token, hibiscus allows you to retain a sense of freedom within romantic relationships to experience love in a way that is not overwhelming or all consuming.

  • HOLLYHOCK earth | jupiter | aries | sunlight

    Hollyhock is the tallest flower in the garden. It stands tall closest to the heavens, holding within it ancient wisdom and power. Hollyhock assists you in transmuting negative energy into positive. If you feel lost or disconnected from your spiritual nature, this beautiful flower helps you rediscover your path. If you are embarking on magical workings, and are not in a state of stability, hollyhock instills in you the confidence, courage and strength to go forward with assurance feeling grounded and secure.

  • HONEYSUCKLE water | jupiter | venus | cancer | sunlight

    Honeysuckle is renowned for its association with abundance. It can be used for good luck, success, and material gain. It allows for the divine flow of prosperity and abundance. If you feel any kind of blockage in your own mind when manifesting money, the fluid nature of honeysuckle aids in allowing a strong energetic flow to remove any blocks to allow you to be receptive to the idea of deserving, holding on to or gaining financial means.

  • JASMINE water | moon | pisces | sunlight

    Jasmine is deeply relaxing. It also helps lift your mood closer to s state of joy. It inspires gratitude of what you have in order to create more of what you want to draw in. Jasmine is also associated with the divine feminine, love, romance and beauty. It can draw a soulmate connection not just physical attraction. Jasmine is useful during rituals to allow you to connect on a deep, intimate level with the divine. It quiets your thoughts, so you aren’t “too in your own head” to truly be able to connect with your spiritual practice.

  • LAVENDER air | mercury | gemini | virgo | sunlight

    Lavender is deeply cleansing and purifying both energetically and physically. It is calming and stabilizing to both mind and body. Lavender is used for protection, peace, love and divine alignment. It embodies the crown chakra and anything to do with higher realms, psychic visions and being open to the unknown. Lavender is also clarifying so not only by calming the mind, it connects you with your higher self to integrate the lucid thoughts and ideas. Lavender can be used for healing, love— practically any working to center your thoughts, clear your mind, cleanse away negative energies and protect you.

  • IRIS water | moon | mercury | leo | sunlight

    Iris is a bridge between this mundane reality and the divine realm. It governs intuition, divine knowledge, intuition and psychic awareness. It acts as a portal between our range of human awareness and the all-knowing divine energies. This makes iris extremely useful for inspiration and creativity. It opens your mind to new ideas, thoughts, while cleaning any creative blockages to allow illumination, empowerment and an infinite well of creative expression to shine through you and into whatever artistic endeavor you desire.

  • LEMON BALM water | moon |cancer | pisces | sunlight

    Lemon balm is an intensely lemon scented herb also known as melissa. It can be used for cleansing, healing, clarity, good fortune, magical power and love. Lemon balm brings a calm healing energy to any magical working. It reduces anxiety, stress and helps us work through fears in our unconscious mind. This relaxed state of mind allows for clarity, inspiration, motivation, creativity and ultimately success to come through. Lemon balm also carries an energy of joy, bliss and contentment from its citrus aroma and energy.

  • MAGNOLIA earth | moon |venus | cancer | sunlight

    Magnolia encapsulates both the strong grounding energy of the earth and trees, and the watery, emotional nature of the moon. Magnolia is used for love fidelity and marriage. It is also deeply connected to the divine feminine, goddess energy. Magnolia helps us recognize our own beauty, power, and divine inner nature. It gives you the confidence to embrace this personal power while feeling supported and nurtured by the divine mother.

  • MIMOSA water | air | venus | gemini | sunlight

    Mimosa is like liquid joy. It is pure sunshine radiating and illuminating your soul. When life feels monotonous and mundane— mimosa brings a sense of wonderment, curiosity and finding happiness in the small details of the everyday. It reminds us that things always work out in our favor and the entire cosmos is conspiring with us not against us. It brings joy into your heart, your spirit and pure ecstatic bliss will spring forth from within you.

  • MUGWORT earth | venus | taurus | libra | sunlight

    Mugwort is one of the most magical herbs you can work with. It is the connection between the mundane and the world of dreams. It connects us with psychic visions, the unconscious, and the spirit realm. It facilitates communication with the higher realms, lucid dreaming, psychic skills and spiritual guidance. It is useful in any kind of divination to attune with your intuition to bring forth clear messages.

  • NASTURTIUM water | neptune | libra | sunlight

    Nasturtiums pop up like weeds in the garden during spring with their bright assortment of colors from yellow to orange to deep fuchsia. The magic of nasturtium is its ability to open our minds to the power we hold in creating our own reality. Nasturtium removes blockages in our subconsciousness, gives us the courage and motivation, and dissolves any fears in order to step forward into a new reality. The essence removes old ways of thinking and allows space for new ideas, thought patterns and ultimately freedom and need clearer perspectives.

  • ORANGE BLOSSOM water | venus | libra | aquarius | sunlight

    Also known as neroli, orange blossoms are one of the most heavenly fragrances you will ever inhale. Neroli opens doors, clears blockages and orchestrates alignment of your desires in a harmonious way. It is also very soothing, calming and uplifting. Much like its citrus fruit, it brings a sense of joy, contentment and positivity but on a much higher vibration. It balances and aligns your emotions and energetic bodies. It brings clarity and helps you to let go of worries and negative thoughts to allow blessings, manifestations and true joy to flow in.

  • ORCHID water | air | venus | libra | sunlight

    Orchids exude elegance and beauty. Orchids aid you in expressing your true, unique nature. They give you the confidence and attitude to feel a goddess or queen energy that lifts your mood and self-esteem. Orchids are well known for their association with sensuality, desire, love, fertility and romantic love. They can help draw in love that feels otherworldly, transcendent and like falling in love over and over again.

  • PANSY water | neptune | venus | pisces | sunlight

    Pansies are a descendants of wild violets. Pansies, violas and violets have very similar properties and can be used interchangeably if necessary. Pansies are calming, soothing anxiety and worries. They also bring clarity and insight, especially in matters of the heart. Pansies attract romantic love, that is more intellectual and intuitive than passionate and fleeting. It is that connection that surpasses physical attraction to a truly intimate almost divine bond.

  • PEPPERMINT fire | air | mercury | jupiter | aquarius | virgo | sunlight

    Peppermint with its bright, green, minty aroma— is used for purification, cleansing, healing and money magic. Peppermint cleanses your aura, to wash away any negative thoughts, patterns or behaviors that block the flow of abundance. Peppermint clears the mind, sharpens thought processes, enhances focus to bring in new ideas, information and beliefs. Peppermint not only draws in money, but gives you the clarity to consciously figure out how to keep it flowing in.

  • PRIMROSE earth | venus | cancer | pisces | sunlight

    Primrose helps us heal emotionally and transform pain into joy. Primrose has a compassionate energy that holds us so that we may allow ourselves to actually feel our emotions. The space that the essence holds lets you move through your feelings, grief or heartbreak without resistance. Primrose effortlessly dissolves old karmic patterns, traumas, and fear. It allows for rapid growth and evolution once we let go of resistance and ease into growth and change.availability, style, or even provide a review.

  • PLUMERIA water | venus | cancer | leo | sunlight

    Plumeria has an energy of freedom, love, joy and lightness. It gives you a sense of contentment, relaxation and comfort of youthful summer days with nothing in particular to do with a feeling of anything is possible in any moment. It helps bring back that carefree, youthful energy that tends to fade away as we get older. Plumeria teaches us to let go, live in the moment and feel the possibilities that surround us.

  • ROSE water | venus | taurus | libra| sunlight

    Rose is synonymous with beauty and love. Rose helps us to open our heart to unconditional love starting with love for the self. In this admiration for ourself we can expand our love to all those around us. Rose opens your eyes to the beauty and love that exists all around you to awaken your spirit to joy and positivity. Rose is compassionate, and nourishing for the heart. If there is any suffering, rose opens and expands the heart to fill it up once again with pure love, empathy, compassion and forgiveness.

  • RUE air | mars | aries | scorpio | sunlight

    Rue has long been used in folk magic in many parts of the world. It is renowned for its use for magical protection, purification and hex-breaking. It is most notably used for protection against psychic attack. Rue dissolves any attachments or cords from energetic vampires or toxic people who drain your energy. It gives you the strength to cut ties with anyone or anything that is a destructive toxic force in your life.

  • SAGE earth | air | jupiter | sagittarius | pisces | sunlight

    Sage is most well known for its ability to energetically cleanse and purify. Sage blossoms help you gain mental clarity as well as giving the space to receive new perspectives, guidance and wisdom. Sage can cleanse on a much deeper level than just the aura or physical space. It goes back to past lives, incarnations, dimensions and hardwired DNA records to release unhealed traumas, limiting beliefs, fears and anything holding you back. Sage also removes blockages, cuts cords and eliminates any emotionally toxic energy from your system to make room for what aligns with our highest good.

  • SUNFLOWER fire | sun | leo | sunlight

    Sunflowers perfectly encapsulate all the properties of the sun like success, strength, power, vitality, joy and happiness. Sunflowers are expansive— radiating and illuminating feelings of happiness, energy and bliss. The flowers are invigorating, revitalizing and can strengthen our energy fields giving us confidence, strength, assertiveness and personal power. This allows for positive change, growth and ultimately success in all endeavors we set our minds to.

  • TUBEROSE water | moon | venus | libra | moonlight

    Tuberose is ruled by the moon which governs intuition and the unknown realms. Tuberose strengthens your psychic abilities and intuition so it can be useful during divination work. It calms your mind to get more in tune with your body so that you can more readily channel information and knowledge from the higher realms. Tuberose also connects us with the afterlife, allowing us to form a bridge of communication with our ancestors. It is protective both in this world and in the world of the unseen.

  • YARROW air | fire | mars | libra | sunlight

    Yarrow is protective and works for banishing and releasing negativity. It is especially good at forming boundaries. It is cleanses, restores and protects the aura to form an energetic boundary from people or situations that can be draining or toxic to you. It works best for those who are highly sensitive, introverted, empathic or easily depleted.



angelica, bay laurel, chamomile, sunflower


camellia, dahlia, gardenia, iris, jasmine, lemon balm, magnolia, tuberose


iris, lavender, peppermint


gardenia, hibiscus, honeysuckle, magnolia, mimosa, mugwort, orange blossom, orchid, pansy, plumeria, primrose, rose, tuberose




camellia, hollyhock, honeysuckle, sage


nasturtium, pansy


bougainvillea, elderflower, rue, yarrow


angel's trumpet



hibiscus, orange blossom, peppermint


jasmine, lemon balm, pansy, primrose, sage


bougainvillea, hollyhock, rue


chrysanthemum, mugwort, rose


lavender, mimosa


gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine, lemon balm, magnolia, plumeria, primrose


angelica, bay laurel, chamomile, iris, plumeria, sunflower


lavender, peppermint


elderflower, mugwort, nasturtium, orange blossom, orchid, rose, yarrow, tuberose


angel's trumpet, chrysanthemum, dahlia, elderflower, hibiscus, rue







angel's trumpet, elderflower, lavender, mimosa, orchid, peppermint, rue, sage, yarrow


angelica, bay laurel, bougainvillea, chrysanthemum, elderflower, sunflower, yarrow


hollyhock, magnolia, mugwort, primrose, sage


camellia, chamomile, dahlia, gardenia, hibiscus, honeysuckle, iris, jasmine, lemon balm, mimosa, nasturtium, orange blossom, orchid, pansy, plumeria, rose, tuberose



angelica, bay laurel, bougainvillea camellia, chamomile, chrysanthemum, elderflower, hibiscus, hollyhock, honeysuckle, iris, jasmine, lavender, lemon balm, magnolia, mimosa, mugwort, nasturtium, orange blossom, orchid, pansy, peppermint, plumeria, primrose, rose, rue, sage, sunflower, yarrow


angel's trumpet, dahlia, gardenia, tuberose