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Aquarian Soul

Labradorite Sphere

Labradorite Sphere

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Sphere shaped crystals are what you might commonly think of as 'crystal balls'. Unlike points or other shapes, they allow the energy to radiate out of all sides. The sphere symbolizes wholeness, harmony, integration, completion and unity. Since the sphere will emanate in all directions--this makes it useful for when you want to fill an entire space with labradorite's otherworldly energy. 

The shift of colors in labradorite is called labradorescence. It is an optical phenomenon that reflects light due to several submicroscopical planes orientated in one direction within the stone. This gives labradorite its classic luminescent quality.


3' inch / 7.6 cm diameter

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Labradorite is a shimmering, luminous and mysterious stone. It is connected to the unknown, intuition, psychic ability and spiritual growth. It protects you during astral travel, dream work and visionary experiences. Labradorite enhances intuitive abilities, communication with higher realms, moving between dimensions and accessing past lives. It is useful for divination, meditation and ritual work to better connect with your intuition, creating a channel for information to flow from the divine to you.