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Aquarian Soul

New Moon Ritual Bath Crystals

New Moon Ritual Bath Crystals

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Infuse your bath with the healing energies of crystals. The new moon energy is the best time to start over, reset and plant the seeds for future manifestations. These work in unison with any of our bath soaks to provide the ultimate new moon ritual bath. 

How to Use

Place the stones into your bathwater and immerse yourself into the water. You can also hold them in your hands, or place on edge of tub. Feel the energies emanating from the stones, and focus on your intention.

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    Like a mirror- obsidian calls us to look inside ourselves. It reveals our darker, shadow side It stimulates deep healing, without limits, forcing us to grow and evolve. Obsidian is also very grounding, providing stable support. Its reflective surface also mimicks its ability to reflect negativity from others, your environment and even yourself. It is a perfect stone for empaths or those that work with others emotions on a daily basis.


    This stone carries many of the same properties as white moonstone but with an emphasis on new beginnings. The new moon is a fresh slate, and this stone helps you start anew. It is one of the best stones for calming the emotions. It has receptive, passive and feminine energy to carry you through extreme situations and emotional triggers. It soothes instability, stress, and acts as a mood stabilizer.


    Labradorite is a shimmering, luminous mysterious stone. It is connected to the unknown, intuition, psychic ability and divination. It protects you during astral travel, dream work and visionary experiences. Labradorite enhances intuitive abilities, communication with higher realms, moving between dimensions and accessing past lives.


The moon emits a subtle but powerful energy. Lunar energy is receptive, feminine, and encourages us to look deep within at our unconscious, hidden truths as well as our emotions. It encourages us to use our intuition. When you chose to consciously connect with the energy of the moon you are creating a channel for that energy to be harnessed by you in order to manifest your desires. A new moon is the beginning of a cycle-- which the the best time to plant the seeds for your manifestation. Rituals for starting a new business, calling in new love or putting a fresh idea into action are best done during this time. The energy expands as the moon grows into a full moon so your new ideas, goals and dreams continue to grow, build power and come into fruition.