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Aquarian Soul

Obsidian Scrying Mirror

Obsidian Scrying Mirror

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Scrying is an ancient form of divination. Much like the image of someone gazing into a crystal ball, scrying involves staring into this mirror's reflective surface. Scrying allows your mind to let go of your conscious environment and enter into a meditative state. Messages, visions and guidance will come through in order to provide clarity on the subject at hand. 



6 inches / 15.25 cm diameter


Cleanse your mirror gently with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly You can also use florida water or incense smoke to energetically cleanse it.

Find a dimly lit space to practice. You can light a candle, or light incense to get into a relaxed state. Close your eyes and focus on a question, or your intention for the session. Do some deep breathing, begin to empty your mind and completely relax.

Open your eyes and focus on the mirror. Soften your gaze by letting your vision blur. Pay attention to any signs, symbols, words, or even sounds you might hear. Practice for 15 or so minutes at a time, and make sure to take notes of any significant images that came to mind for later interpretation.

Scrying can be used to gain insight on a situation or obtain answers to questions.

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Like a mirror- obsidian calls us to look inside ourselves. It reveals our darker, shadow side It stimulates deep healing, without limits, forcing us to grow and evolve. Obsidian is also very grounding, providing stable support. Its reflective surface also mimicks its ability to reflect negativity from others, your environment and even yourself. It is a perfect stone for empaths or those that work with others emotions on a daily basis.