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Aquarian Soul

Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Palo santo is also known as "holy wood". It is used much like herb bundles or herbal incense is used in ritual ceremonies to cleanse the air and rid negative energies from your space. It smells similar to its relative, frankincense with a deep, rich, resinous, and sweet aroma. This palo santo was ethically harvested from Ecuador and hand cut right here in our studio.

How to Use

Using a lighter or match, light the tip until it begins to glow red and blow it out. To keep the incense burning let it sit by a window or consistently blow on it. if you want just a quick cleanse it will go out on its own in about a minute.  

*Do not leave burning palo santo unattended. Always use a heatproof safe bowl while it's lit.


6 sticks per bag

4-6'' inches / 10-15 cm long


Bursea graveolensis (palo santo)

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Palo Santo has had some confusing misinformation surrounding it. Palo Santo is NOT endangered. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Bursera graveolensis is considered stable and of least concern. It is also not on the United Plant Savers (uPS) at risk list. It is often being confused with another species— Bulnesia sarmientoi that is endangered. In order to be sustainably and ethically harvested, palo santo needs to live out its life, and naturally fall to the forest floor. It needs to age for 5-8 years before it is usable. Unethical harvesting of this sacred tree involves cutting the tree down and not allowing for this natural process to occur for profit. Our palo santo comes from 100% ethical sources in Ecuador.