Citrine Gem Powder Clay Mask
Citrine Gem Powder Clay Mask
Citrine Gem Powder Clay Mask
Citrine Gem Powder Clay Mask
Citrine Gem Powder Clay Mask

Citrine Gem Powder Clay Mask

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Citrine Gem Powder is a brightening clay mask made with citrine powder. It is made using kaolin clay which is very gentle. It works great for normal skin and sensitive skin as well. Its one of the most widely used clays for skincare so it works on all skin types. It is infused with citrine powder, pineapple, papaya, and mango. Citrine is the active ingredient which works not only to brighten, and add glow to your skin but works on a spiritual level to promote happiness, and joy. It leaves your skin soft and smooth! 


Mix clay in one of our mini abalone shells, or in a small bowl. Add a small amount of water to form a paste. Apply the clay to your skin using your fingers. Let the clay dry, about 10 minutes then rinse off with warm water.  

The Crystals


this stone is representative of the sun and the solar plexus chakra. It energizes every level of life. It is warming, energizing and highly creative. It is a happy, joyous and sunny stone. It imparts joy and gives you a positive attitude. It enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind. It imparts invigoration and energy into the physical body and awakens the higher mind. It is one of the best stones for recharging, motivating and stimulating the mind and body.

The Key Ingredients


Acts as a natural astringent. It is also a great exfoliator for those with dry skin, especially in winter months. 


Helps with the elasticity of your skin, this helping firm and tighten skin. It contains vitamin A, C and betacarotene which help moisturize and combat dry skin.  


Is rich in both vitamin C and vitamin A. It acts as a mild exfoliant to shed dead skin and reveal glowing skin. It helps balance oils in the skin and leaves your skin very soft. 


Is also works great as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. This makes it great for acne prone skin. 


Is known as a demulcent. This means it is highly soothing. It creates a protective barrier with its slippery, gel like consistency on your skin. It is very calming for your skin and acts as an anti-inflammitory. 


Ingredients (2 oz jar)

Kaolin clay, Matricaria reticula (chamomile) powder*, Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) root powder*, Mangifera indica (mango), Anana comosus (pineapple) extract*, Carica papaya (papaya) extract*, Citrine powder (*organic)