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Aquarian Soul

Full Moon Bath Tea

Full Moon Bath Tea

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This bath tea was created to use to cleanse your self during the night of the full moon or the days before or following the actual day. This is perfect to use before a meditation or ritual to cleanse your body and mind.

Infusing water with sacred flowers and herbs is a great way to intake the healing benefits. The ritual of bathing in flowers is made simple by placing one or two tea bags into your bath. No mess, just relax and unwind. Relax your mind and your muscles with aromatic lavender, rose petals and hibiscus. Hibiscus flowers are not only full of vitamins they turn your bath a light shade of pink! The more bags you use the more colorful your bath. 

How to Use

Pop 2-3 bags into your bathtub to infuse your body with vitamins and help retain moisture. 


Rosa demascena (red rose) petals*, Hibiscus sabdariffa (hibiscus)*, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender)* (*organic)


15 tea bags

6 g per bag

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty-Free
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  • ROSE

    Has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce redness, and irritation. It is naturally astringent which helps tone and firm the skin while giving it a healthy glow. Rose is gentle and soothing while hydrating and moisture retaining. Rose also helps reduce anxiety,  stress and boosts your mood to alleviate depression.


    Is full of nutritive vitamins and antioxidants which help give your skin a natural glow all while keeping skin firm and toned. It also mildly emollient which helps your skin retain moisture. It also turns the water a light pink color just like making hibiscus tea!


    Highly aromatic flower known for its extremely calming properties. Very soothing for the skin as well as the mind. Great for relieving anxiety, nervous energy or helping you to fall asleep. 


The moon emits a subtle but powerful energy. Lunar energy is receptive, feminine, and encourages us to look deep within at our unconscious, hidden truths as well as our emotions. It encourages us to use our intuition. When you chose to consciously connect with the energy of the moon you are creating a channel for that energy to be harnessed by you in order to manifest your desires. The lunar energy is at its pinnacle during the full moon. This energy is the potential of anything you wish to manifest. The full moon is also a time of reflection and gratitude for all that has already been achieved. Take this time to meditate, celebrate what has come to fruition and honor yourself and your magical abilities.