Rose Quartz Body Oil
Rose Quartz Body Oil

Rose Quartz Body Oil

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This body oil is made with the combined healing energies of both rose quartz and geranium rose. Hydrating almond oil is lightly scented with geranium rose which is amazing for any skin type. This oil is then infused with rose quartz crystals, which you will find floating at the bottom of the bottle. The combination of organic oils in this body oil will keep your skin moisturized all day!


Apply as needed over the body. 

The Crystals

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and romance. It is the most important stone for the heart chakra and the heart. Opens you up to all kinds of beauty. Not only does it promote love of others but love of the self. In skincare it promotes glowing skin while helping retain moisture.       


Key Ingredient

Geranium Rose

Is not actually a rose but comes from the family of scented geranium. This gives this oil a more uplifting, citrusy-rose scent. It is great for all skin types as it has a balancing quality. It helps keep both dry and oily skin more balanced and moisturized without leaving your skin greasy. It promotes feelings of well being and is calming.