Wildflower Milk Soothing Bath Soak
Wildflower Milk Soothing Bath Soak
Wildflower Milk Soothing Bath Soak

Wildflower Milk Soothing Bath Soak

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This soothing milk bath is super emollient and calming for the skin. A blend of soothing herbs is blended with colloidal oatmeal to provide healing for irritated skin. Oatmeal provides the ultimate in moisture when it meets with water. It adds a thin layer of protection to your skin from the elements. It is the best thing to use for skin irritations, or if you happen to cross paths with any poison oak or ivy when hiking. 



Add a small handful to bath water. You can also use muslin bag to avoid mess in bathtub. Apply muslin bag directly to skin in the bath for extra relief from poison oak, eczema or other skin irritations. Soak and enjoy!

*Keep bath soak away from moisture when not in use. Keep lid closed tight and do NOT store in your shower or tub to prevent spoilage*


The Key Ingredients



Are ultra soothing to itchy, irritated skin. They work best for skin when suspended in water to release the gel consistency that coats your skin. Not only are they soothing, but hydrating. They form a thin layer over your skin to seal in moisture. They have amazing humectant and emollient properties that are so gentle, its great for kids too! 


Highly aromatic flower known for its extremely calming properties. Very soothing for the skin as well as the mind. Great for relieving anxiety, nervous energy or helping you to fall asleep. 


is used primarily for its soothing, reparative qualities for skincare. Helps speed up healing in skin conditions and is highly soothing for acne, eczema and other skin irritations. 


is another highly calming herb that is also known for its ability to brighten and improve skin tone. Chamomile is so gentle it is also used in children's and baby’s formulas which makes this a very gentle, and calming skin soother. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin!








Wildflower Milk Soothing Bath Soak Avena sativa (oat) powder,  Rosa demascena (red rose) petals*, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flowers*, Calendula officinalis (marigold) flowers, Centaurea cyanus (cornflower)*, Matricaria chamomilla (chamomile) flowers* (*organic)